Eukanuba International Summer Show (Helsinki)

Indigo - Eukanuba winner, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Zafira - Intermedia class Exc2


Every trip has something unique to be remembered. This journey was full of joys and misfortunes :)

Before starting the trip, we already knew about the construction happening on the roads in the Latvian – Estonian boarder. Thus we took ourselves an extra one and a half hour and… we almost made in time – were late only for ten minutes. Luckily the ferry system works without any flaws and

we managed to move our tickets to the next ferry and got a chance to spend a lovely evening in Tallinn. We arrived to Helsinki at 1am.

Also, this time we booked a house in Rastila Camping Helsinki. It was great! I do recommend this place to stay with dogs or with a bigger company of people. We experienced the ideal Finnish methods and services, had a lake next to us. It is quite hard to surprise us, Lithuanians with cold

beaches. But what we saw there truly surprised us. Try to imagine this – around 5pm, when the temperature is around 20+ degrees, the water temperature is +18, the sun was barely visible through the clouds and the beach is full of action – people are sunbathing, working out and

swimming in the lake. There were tons of people! Even I dipped my feet into the water to check if the information stand has it right. Probably that is the reason why everyone’s tan is mostly pale white.

We spent the evening in the terrace cooking sausages and enjoying the Finnish nature – in the hotel premises there were rabbits and squirrels hopping around.

On the first day of the dog competition (second day in general), we were once again surprised by what we saw – it was raining extremely heavy, the weather was cold, the natives were wearing rain-proof bots, umbrellas and scarfs. And we managed to take our summer wear. I was sure that the

competition will be canceled until the rain stops. But I was wrong, nothing happened. Before the ring start, everyone was taking shelter in their tents or under umbrellas and the handlers walked in the ring as if there was no rain at all – classic dresses, high-eels…

Indigo looked like a true Finnish, got his job done and became the best male. In the meantime, Zafira being the hot weather type, did not

understand what the hell we were trying to do here within this pool of water or what was her role in all of this, thus her dissatisfaction was obvious. After a bit of jumping through the ponds of water, she looked like an angry rat rather than a Havanese. It took us quite a while to be forgiven by her after all this show.

For the future: Firstly, traveling to Finland on July it is important to take – a bikini, shorts, slippers, boots, jacket and a scarf. Secondly, I promised to Zafira, that I will never again take her to the ring while it is raining.