Druskininkai: DZUKIJA SUMMER'14 (CACIB), Druskininkai Mayor Cup '14 (CACIB), decorative CLUB DOG SHOW (CAC)


Zafira: 3 x JN, KL.JN'14, BOB, BOS, Crufts kvalifikacija

Indigo: 3 x CAC, KL.N'14, CACIB, RCACIB, BOB, BOS

Judges: Julia Ovsianikova (Russia), Dubravka Reicher (Kroatia), Carmen Navarro Guisado (Spain)

Handler: Anna Nasevič

Heat... Heat... Heat...

+36 degrees in Lithuania? Yes, that is possible :)

Imagine this: a judge Carmen Navarro Guisado from Spain is traveling to the eastern Europe, where summer is usually around +20 degrees average, and she ends up at the moment when it feels like a peak of Africa. I am guessing that when she got off the plane, the first thing she did was check if she took the right plane.

In the aerodrome of Druskininkai, the heat was so intense - a challenge for all, the dogs, the owners and the judges. In the end even Ana stopped resisting and started wearing the hat of Vytas.

You can congratulate Zafira - the moment she entered the youth class, she won three competitions and became the youth champion of Lithuania. Hurray!

Everything else was nothing new - we came and collected the prizes. But of course, on the first day we allowed the Finns win. When you think about it, they traveled a lot, so it is a proper thing to give them something, otherwise they will stop coming here :) Of course, it's just a joke. Only competing with serious competitors, our level is growing.